The Sturgis Haus 
Brewery ~Smokehaus &  Espresso Bar
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The Sturgis House-1906

In 1867,civil war veteran Edward Sturgis built the Sturgis House to accommodate the many visitors that had begun to flock to Lititz for the "healing" waters of the Lititz spring.The original buildng was a two story brick building on Main street that was meant to compete with the larger Lititz springs Hotel for the wealthier pilgrams to Lititz.
The hotels advertisements bragged of its large rooms,fine foods,lager beer,and choicest wines.In addition to lodging and liquor,the Sturgis also offered oysters,which were quite popular at the time and women's clothing.
In 1889,when the stablishment was sold by Sturgis to George B. Kofroth,it had 14 rooms for guests,as well as a reading room,parlor,dining room,and a livery stable that could accomadate 30 horses.The business proved so successful during this time that it was expanded into three stories in 1895. To reflect its new size,the business name was changed to the Hotel Sturgis.
Sadley,like the other hotels in Lititz,the Sturgis fell onto hard times during the early part of the 20th century.The building was eventually sold during the depression to Harry Chertoff of Lancaster for $17,150. Chertoff transformed the structure into a modern movie theater in 1935 and the Lititz theater became a destination for the people of Lititz for the next 30 years.The former Sturgis hotel remained vacant for six years until 1970,when the Lititz Improvement Corporation purchased and eventually remodeled the building. In the mid 1990's a fire broke out in the building,but is was thankfully saved.

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