turgis Haus Brewery and Restaurant


Starting out as a labor of love in our kitchen, The Sturgis Haus Brewery is our dream come true. We love beer and good food made from old recipes, and if you do too, you've come to the right place! Our pork, brisket and chicken breast is smoked low and slow over various hardwoods for the good old time smoked flavor. Our sauces and dressings are all homemade from scratch. Plus we smoke a few other specialties too. We smoke our own hamburgers, hot dogs, turkey and even our bacon is haus cured and smoked over hickory! 

            We brew in-haus and serve beer the old fashioned way. Only using the 4 main beer ingredients, malt,hops, water and yeast and serving at the ideal temp of 55 degrees with slightly less carbonation then commercial beers. We have several varieties of our own hand-crafted seasonal ales, porters, and stouts.Our beers are available on tap and you can even take some home in one of our growlers. 

       If you're looking for big-name, nationally and internationally marketed commercial beers, you're in the wrong pub. We don't have any, but the grocery store is just down the street! Don't forget to stop in the second Friday night of every month for the Lititz second Friday event!