turgis Haus Brewery and Restaurant


Chinook Single IPA*

India Pale Ale

Our single IPA using only whole leaf chinook hops throughout the additions. We even dry hop with lots of Chinook hops in the secondary!  6% abv / 75 IBU

Moravian Wheat

American Wheat 

Features large proportions of malted white wheat in the grain bill and is naturally a bit cloudy in appearance. Lightly hopped and spiced with bitter orange peel and coriander. Fermented with a milder tasting yeast resulting in a more clean, slightly malty finish. 5.25% abv / 17.7 IBU

Sturgis Stout*

Imperial Oatmeal Stout 

A  nice rich Imperial Oatmeal Stout brewed with lots of oats and extra dark brown sugar with a nice toffee, candy like finish.

                     8% abv / 31 IBU

Angry Leprechaun*

Imperial Red Ale

An American red ale made with authentic English malts, oats and lots of caramel malts with a nice mix of German and American hops. Nice caramel almost bourbon like flavor and finish. 8.5% abv / 50 IBU

*available year round

Naked Heiny Hefeweizen


A Hefeweizen made with the traditional Weihenstephen yeast which we ferment on the warmer side to bring out the slight banana flavor this ale is known for. 5.5$ abv / 12.4 IBU

Strawberry Wheat

Fruit Beer

Our wheat beer with lots of fresh strawberrys! A nice dry almost wine like strawberry flavor. 6.5% abv /  17 IBU

Screamin Schwein

Flavored Smoke Porter

Our smoked Chipotle porter. Nice smokey beginnings with a smooth slightly hot chipotle finish. 5% abv / 40 IBU

Espresso Stout


A nice mild stout made with locally roasted espresso from Lancaster County Coffee Roasters.  6% abv / 34 IBU